Conquer your clutter. Love your life.
Conquer your clutter. Love your life.

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NAPO Report: Fresh Organizing Ideas from the National Conference (YouTube Videos)

Gayle reports back from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) 2016 Conference in Atlanta.

We’re gonna need a bigger bucket (image of three buckets)

Bigger Buckets: Streamline Paper Processing by Rethinking Your Categories (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy explores ways to rethink and retool paper storage by defining “bigger buckets.”

Small cat stuck in a tree

Getting Unstuck: Simple Ways to Overcome Overwhelm (YouTube Video)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but what if you can’t figure out how to even start moving?

Organizing Your Craft Space for Creative Inspiration

Organizing Your Craft Space for Creative Inspiration (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy explains principles for organizing a craft space and offers tips to keep your creativity flowing.

10 daisies

Leap into Spring Cleaning: 10 Quick Projects with Big Impact (YouTube Video)

Our February 2016 meetup suggested 10 small household projects where you can score big decluttering wins.

Recent Blog Posts

2016 date on paint-splashed background

Announcing dates for 2016 Houston Clutter Coaching Meetups

The Clutter Fairy announces dates for 2016 meetings of the Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup group.

Katie Laird’s blog

Life Lessons in a Laundry Room

For many of our clients, the process of getting organized is full of aha! moments and learning experiences.

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Save on Organizing with Clutter Fairy Subscription Plans

Save on organizing in 2016 by purchasing subscription plans from The Clutter Fairy.

Newsletter Articles

Hands holding pieces of a broken heart

Are You Ready to Pick Up the Pieces?

How ready would you be to take on responsibility for the affairs of a loved one in an emergency? Take our quiz to find out!

Five frangipani (plumeria) blossoms on stones

Five-Step Daily Practice to Support a Clutter-free Life

Take an upbeat approach to decluttering, generate positive emotional shifts in your life, and build organizing success on a foundation of happiness.

Woman tossing papers

Can You Really Go Paperless?

There’s no simple route to paperlessness—it requires a multi-pronged solution. But the steps aren’t complicated, and each can make a dent in the volume of paper you handle.

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