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Thanksgiving place setting

Happy Thanksgiving from The Clutter Fairy Family!

The Clutter Fairy family wishes you and yours a bountiful and harmonious Thanksgiving! Join us as we kick off a year of organizing projects to help you live the life you dream of.
Hands holding pieces of a broken heart

Are You Ready to Pick Up the Pieces?

How ready would you be to take on responsibility for the affairs of a loved one in an emergency? Take our quiz to find out!
Five frangipani (plumeria) blossoms on stones

Five-Step Daily Practice to Support a Clutter-free Life

Take an upbeat approach to decluttering, generate positive emotional shifts in your life, and build organizing success on a foundation of happiness.
Woman tossing papers

Can You Really Go Paperless?

There’s no simple route to paperlessness—it requires a multi-pronged solution. But the steps aren’t complicated, and each can make a dent in the volume of paper you handle.

Uncluttered Home for the Holidays

Could you enhance the magic of the season by reducing your workload and your seasonal clutter? What if you spent the holidays in a spirit of family and celebration, instead of overwhelmed by the stuff that doesn’t matter?
Mom's art

Getting to Know Mom

I admired Mom for doing the work of sorting and purging her life’s collections while she could give the gift of her memories to me.
Clean House ad

Organizing in Reality

My goal is not to steal away as much of your stuff as I can, it’s to make sure you’re keeping only what you really want. It’s helping you fit in your house again.
Elderly woman

When the Choice Isn’t Yours Anymore

Make choices about your stuff while you can still consciously choose. Don't wait until those choices are taken away by declining health.