Subscription Plans

Receive our biggest discounts by signing up for a subscription plan! Schedule a recurring semi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly visit from The Clutter Fairy to complete your long-term organizing project or maintain your organized space.

Calendar date circled with Clutter Fairy asterisk

Monthly Subscription Plan

A monthly plan will keep you on track as you work toward your organizing goals. Recurring visits from The Clutter Fairy will ensure that you make steady progress on your organizing plan.

One three-hour organizing session each month for $235
(regularly $285)

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Twice-a-Month Subscription Plan

A semi-monthly plan will help you make steady progress on a more substantial project. Two visits per month from The Clutter Fairy will fast-track your organizing project towards completion.

Two three-hour organizing sessions per month for $470
(regularly $570)

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Quarterly Subscription Plan

Need a little help from time to time? A recurring quarterly visit will provide inspiration and accountability to keep your organized space looking great.

One three-hour organizing session every three months for $245
(regularly $285)

How to Purchase and Use Subscription Plans

  1. Click the “Subscribe” button below the subscription plan you want.
  2. You’ll be taken to a PayPal page to set up your recurring payment using PayPal or a credit or debit card.
  3. Each time we receive your recurring payment, we’ll send you a voucher code good for one three-hour appointment (or two codes for a twice-a-month subscription).
  4. Visit our online scheduling system to book your appointment(s). If you’re already registered, log in to the system. If you’re using the system for the first time, click “Create a new user account” and follow the instructions to sign up, then log in to the site.
  5. Select an available time slot to schedule an appointment. Enter the voucher code in the designated field on the booking form. Click “Create Appointment” to confirm your selection. The system will record your appointment as paid.
  6. Book additional appointments each time your receive another voucher code or codes. Remember to book each appointment before the expiration date.

Subscription offer terms

  • Subscription plans require a recurring monthly or quarterly automatic PayPal payment, which will continue until you cancel your subscription.
  • All subscription plans start on the first day of the month following your first payment. (I.e., a subscription purchased on January 15 entitles you to a monthly visit in February or a quarterly visit in February, March, or April.)
  • Monthly subscription plan entitles you to one three-hour appointment per month. If you’re unable to use the appointment within the month to which it applies, you may roll it over for up to one calendar month. Unused appointments expire at the end of the second month.
  • Quarterly subscription plan entitles you to one three-hour appointment per three-month period. Unused quarterly appointments expire at the end of the three-month period to which they apply.
  • You may cancel your subscription plan for a full refund within the first 30 days. After the first 30 days of your subscription, all subscription payments are non-refundable.