Speaking to Your Group

Gayle Goddard, CPO®, professional organizer and owner of The Clutter Fairy, is available as a speaker for your company, club, class, or organization. She’s an entertaining, engaging presenter with great tips for getting and staying organized. She can deliver any of the topics below as a short presentation, a classroom session, or an in-depth workshop customized to meet your group’s specific needs. She offers a variety of formats—Q & A, panel discussion, open forum, or hands‑on workshop.

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Presentation Topics

The Five Most Common Organizing Mistakes

Most people embark upon organizing projects with good intentions and enthusiasm, but they encounter roadblocks before seeing much progress. Gayle reveals the most common mistakes and offers simple solutions for steering clear of them. Find out better ways to start your project and keep it moving forward until you reach your goal.   [View presentation materials]

Organize Your Art Space for a Creative Explosion!

How does a creative space get so out of control that valuable supplies are lost? What makes a space set aside for creative design become buried in creative backwash? How does an art studio become an indoor garage sale instead? Gayle presents this seminar or webinar especially for artists and craftspeople who need help organizing their creative spaces.   [View presentation materials]

The Perils of Merging Two Households

When two people decide to move in together, they’re often surprised to discover that 1 + 1 always equals 2! Two full households of stuff won’t fit into the space of one without careful planning and diplomatic decision-making about what stays and what goes. You might also need to learn to compromise on the path to a harmonious shared space.

Your Personal Space of Shame: Organizing the Final Frontier

You know what we’re talking about—the closet where things go in but never come out, the unusable spare room, the junk drawer you can’t close (or dare not open), the impenetrable garage. Most of us have a place that becomes our last refuge for clutter. Gayle talks about the sources of resistance and how to overcome the final barriers to organized living.

Extreme Clutter: Cautionary Tales from the Files of a Professional Organizer

What is the cost of being disorganized? Family heirlooms are lost to wind, water, or critters. The things you’ve saved because they might be useful in an imaginary someday overrun your home and make it unlivable. Gayle recounts cautionary tales that will inspire you to change the way you manage your stuff.

Holding On, Letting Go: Organizing and Grief

The death of a loved one is an emotionally demanding time for everyone. The practical task of sorting through belongings is the last thing anyone wants to do at such a difficult time. Handling the stuff left behind is part of the grief process, though, and ultimately helps us heal from the loss.

Other topics include: