Thinking Outside the Box: Decluttering Your Last Move…or the Next One (YouTube Video)

Moving a household or an office can be one of life’s biggest disruptions. It’s hard work to get ready, it’s exhausting to move, and when it’s over, you don’t want to think about it any more. We end up with loose ends—unopened boxes, bags of last-minute grabs, and things we ran out of time to deal with. These collections of postponed decisions can take up space in our homes and our minds for months, years, or even until the next move.

At the June 2016 meeting of the Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup Group, Gayle Goddard, professional organizer and owner of The Clutter Fairy in Houston, Texas, talked about why it’s so hard to face the leftovers of moves and other big life events. She unpacked the emotional blocks and offered ideas for tying up those loose ends. She suggested strategies for facing long-neglected collections of stuff.

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