Little girl reluctantly receives a holiday gift

Clutter Hacks #16: Top Tip for Reducing the Volume of Gifts You Receive (YouTube Video)

Make a wish list to share with friends and family who like to give gifts. You’ll save them trouble and only add things to your home that you really want.
Flooded house

Clutter Hacks #15: Top Tip for Preparing for a Natural Disaster (YouTube Video)

Before a natural disaster strikes, collect your vital documents in a water-tight container and have it ready to go so you’re prepared to evacuate, file insurance claims, or request recovery assistance if you need it.
Deep flood water

Clutter Hacks #14: Top Tip for Recovering from a Natural Disaster (YouTube Video)

After a natural disaster, make your first priority the health and safety of your family and yourself. Take care of yourselves, because everything else is just stuff.
Grunge background with caution stripes

Clutter Hacks #13: Top Tip for Making Your Cluttered Home Safer (YouTube Video)

As a first step to make your cluttered home a little bit safer, clear enough space on your floors so that you can get to the exits in the event of an emergency, or so that emergency personnel can reach you if you need urgent medical attention.
Iced tea at the picnic table

Clutter Hacks #12: Top Tip for Entertaining in Your Cluttered Space (YouTube Video)

Don’t wait to entertain until your home is “perfect”! Provide the key elements of basic comfort, and remember that quality time with friends and family is the heart of successful entertaining.
Parking spaces

Clutter Hacks #11: Top Tip for Streamlining Your Morning Routine (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy’s best advice for streamlining the process of leaving the house to head for work: Designate "parking spaces" for your most critical items.
Open corrugated cardboard box

Clutter Hacks #10: Top Tip for Stuff Left Over from the Last Move (YouTube Video)

Treat the leftovers of a move as a new project, schedule appointments to work on it, and give yourself credit for incremental progress.
Wires plugged into power bar

Clutter Hacks #9: Favorite New Organizing Product from NAPO Conference 2016 (YouTube Video)

Here’s the Clutter Fairy’s favorite new product from the NAPO 2016 conference—zippered cable organizers from Neet Products.

Clutter Hacks #8: Top Tip for People Who are Drowning in Mail (YouTube Video)

Our #1 piece of advice for getting paper clutter under control: Stop the accumulation by establishing a regular routine.
Donate items for creative reuse

Clutter Hacks #7: Donating Art and Craft Supplies for Creative Reuse (YouTube Video)

Consider downsizing your surplus art or craft supplies by donating them to an organization that can share or resell them for creative reuse.
Gayle demonstrates using project boxes

Clutter Hacks #6: Top Tip for Creative Workspaces (YouTube Video)

A helpful hint for managing your art or craft workspace: Corral materials into project boxes to keep your space tidy and your projects organized.
Collection of old glasses

Clutter Hacks #5: Top Tip for Clearing Sentimental Clutter (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy’s favorite tip for making decisions about the things we keep for sentimental reasons.