Crumpled paper

Looking Good on Paper: Take Control with a Few Smart Paper Practices (YouTube Video)

Like any clutter, paper can stand in the way of your best life. Failure to control it wastes time and effort and can lead to financial or legal trouble.

Clutter Hacks #8: Top Tip for People Who are Drowning in Mail (YouTube Video)

Our #1 piece of advice for getting paper clutter under control: Stop the accumulation by establishing a regular routine.
Donate items for creative reuse

Clutter Hacks #7: Donating Art and Craft Supplies for Creative Reuse (YouTube Video)

Consider downsizing your surplus art or craft supplies by donating them to an organization that can share or resell them for creative reuse.
Gayle demonstrates using project boxes

Clutter Hacks #6: Top Tip for Creative Workspaces (YouTube Video)

A helpful hint for managing your art or craft workspace: Corral materials into project boxes to keep your space tidy and your projects organized.