Stop the Catalog Madness Before the Holidays!

The Clutter Fairy just spent 30 minutes on submitting 36 requests to stop catalogs for my mom. They make it so easy! Once you set up a little basic address info, you look up a catalog by company name, type in your customer number and source code number if you have them on the catalog’s mailing label, and click “submit.” That’s it! Catalog Choice sends the request, and tracks the company response for you as well.

You can create as many requests as you want, and you can add to the requests as more catalogs come in. And if the company doesn’t remove you, there’s a way to notify Catalog Choice of that, too. What a great thing to do before the holiday catalog slam starts arriving! You’ll spend at least 30 minutes bringing those catalogs in from the mail, stacking them on the coffeetable, picking them up and putting them in recycling, and hauling recycling to the curb. Listing catalogs in is a much better use of your time, and saves trees in the process. As they say, “just do It!” You’ll be so glad you did.

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Catalog Choice lets you easily opt out of unwanted catalog mailings.