Organizing Tips from Around the World

The Clutter Fairy was delighted to be asked to contribute to Organizing Tips from Around the World by Organize DIY. My tip can be found at #40 on the list:

My most effective tool has to be the cheapest, easiest thing ever. Ziplocs are my go-to solution for lots of organizing dilemmas. Small space to store craft supplies in? Sort the crafts into Ziplocs. Then you can shift through the Ziplocs and come up with the one you want without destroying your drawer. Small Ziplocs to hold game pieces in the game box, snack sizes to separate travel toiletries in your luggage, Ziplocs to store things in the junk drawer. And what about all those little pieces of Barbie accessories? It’s just so much easier to manage a million small things if they’re sorted into Ziplocs first. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest impact!

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45 Organizing Tips from Around the World