Getting Organized in the New Year: Rethinking Resolutions

How are you doing so far on your New Year’s resolutions? At this time of year, many of us are trying to become better, more “together” versions of ourselves. We convince ourselves that by drawing a line in the sand—“starting January 1”—we’ll make a better person magically appear. But the truth is, expecting monumental, fundamental changes in yourself just because you’ve started using a new calendar is NOT a recipe for success.

A better way to reach your big organizing objective is to take it small project by small project. At the January 2015 meeting of the Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup Group, Gayle Goddard, professional organizer and owner of The Clutter Fairy in Houston, Texas, discussed how to apply a step-by-step strategy of short-term goals to make huge, long-term progress. She examined several different ways to approach your clutter problem and break it into manageable monthly (or even shorter-term) plans.


This video is dedicated to the memory of Suzanne Goddard, Gayle’s mother, who passed away on December 18, 2014. To our #1 fan and most enthusiastic supporter: We miss you, we love you, and we hope that somewhere, you’re watching with a big, beautiful smile on your face!

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