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Crumpled paper

Looking Good on Paper: Take Control with a Few Smart Paper Practices (YouTube video)

Like any clutter, paper can stand in the way of your best life. Failure to control it wastes time and effort and can lead to financial or legal trouble.
Alarm clock and morning coffee

Ready, Set, Go: Organize to Streamline Your Daily Life (YouTube video)

Disorganized spaces and unproductive habits can waste valuable time and keep us from getting the day off to a strong start.
Goals list on napkin

Make Space for the Life You Love: Organizing Goals for 2017 (YouTube video)

Our stuff becomes clutter when it stands in the way of other things that we want and need, like relationships, comfort, and peace of mind.
Golden light background

Uncluttered Home for the Holidays: Organizing Tips for a Joyful Season (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy offers less stressful, less cluttered solutions to holiday gift-giving, decorating, and entertaining.
Vintage furniture

From Heirlooms to Ikea: The Role of Furniture in the (de)Cluttered Life (YouTube Video)

We explore the intersection of furniture and clutter: optimizing furniture in home design, “right-sizing” to reduce clutter, disposing of unneeded pieces.
Fire hose and water

Stop the Fire Hose! Preventing Clutter at the Source (YouTube Video)

By paying careful attention to our collecting habits, we can change our behavior to cut off the “fire hose” of new clutter.
Cardboard moving box labeled "Deferred Decisions"

Thinking Outside the Box: Decluttering Your Last Move…or the Next One (YouTube Video)

Decisions postponed before, during, or after a move can steal space in our homes and our minds for months, years, or even until the next move.

NAPO Report: Fresh Organizing Ideas from the National Conference (YouTube Videos)

Gayle reports back from the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) 2016 Conference in Atlanta.
Clutter Hacks

Clutter Hacks #9: Favorite New Organizing Product from NAPO Conference 2016 (YouTube Video)

Here’s the Clutter Fairy’s favorite new product from the NAPO 2016 conference—zippered cable organizers from Neet Products.
We’re gonna need a bigger bucket (image of three buckets)

Bigger Buckets: Streamline Paper Processing by Rethinking Your Categories (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy explores ways to rethink and retool paper storage by defining “bigger buckets.”
Small cat stuck in a tree

Getting Unstuck: Simple Ways to Overcome Overwhelm (YouTube Video)

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, but what if you can’t figure out how to even start moving?
Organizing Your Craft Space for Creative Inspiration

Organizing Your Craft Space for Creative Inspiration (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy explains principles for organizing a craft space and offers tips to keep your creativity flowing.
10 daisies

Leap into Spring Cleaning: 10 Quick Projects with Big Impact (YouTube Video)

Our February 2016 meetup suggested 10 small household projects where you can score big decluttering wins.
Sardine can with Dec 31 2015 expiration date

Out with the Old: Setting an Expiration Date on Clutter (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy talks about how to “set an expiration date” on clutter to open up space for new possibilities.
Happy New Year! from The Clutter Fairy

Happy 2016!

The Clutter Fairy reflects on the best reason to get organized in 2016: to gain space and clarity to enjoy the things you love.

Clutter Hacks #8: Top Tip for People Who are Drowning in Mail (YouTube Video)

Our #1 piece of advice for getting paper clutter under control: Stop the accumulation by establishing a regular routine.
Mail bag with mail spilling putt

Reconsidering Paper: Six Ideas for Managing Your Paper Project (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy examines the habits and beliefs that contribute to paper clutter.
Donate items for creative reuse

Clutter Hacks #7: Donating Art and Craft Supplies for Creative Reuse (YouTube Video)

Consider downsizing your surplus art or craft supplies by donating them to an organization that can share or resell them for creative reuse.
Gayle demonstrates using project boxes

Clutter Hacks #6: Top Tip for Creative Workspaces (YouTube Video)

A helpful hint for managing your art or craft workspace: Corral materials into project boxes to keep your space tidy and your projects organized.
Ladder against high wall

Exploring the Boundary Between You and Your Stuff: Clutter and Self-Image (YouTube Video)

September 2015 meetup: How the lines between you and your stuff get blurred, and how to start seeing the boundaries clearly again.