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Clutter Hacks #18: Top Tip for Applying a Practical Approach to Clearing Clutter (YouTube Video)

To reduce some of the emotion burden, establish algorithms, arbitrary sets of rules to guide the decision-making process as you work to reduce your collections of stuff.
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Head over Heart: Practical Alternatives to Staying Stuck in Your Clutter (YouTube Video)

Too much of our stuff provokes conflicting emotions as we try to declutter. But what if you could set aside emotional responses in favor of practical techniques to move forward?
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Clutter Hacks #17: Top Tip for Finding Peace in Your Cluttered Home (YouTube Video)

To find peace of mind in your cluttered home, identify the thing that’s causing you the most distress and focus your attention and energy on clearing that trouble spot.
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Breathing Room: Organize for Peace of Mind (YouTube Video)

What’s creating negative emotions, standing in the way of positive experiences, or blocking your enjoyment of time at home?
Call for Topics for 2018

Call for Topics for 2018 (YouTube Video)

Is there an organizing topic you’ve been waiting for us to cover? We’re planning for 2018, and we invite you to suggest topics you’d like us to address in future meetups or videos.
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Clutter Hacks #16: Top Tip for Reducing the Volume of Gifts You Receive (YouTube Video)

Make a wish list to share with friends and family who like to give gifts. You’ll save them trouble and only add things to your home that you really want.
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Enough Stuff? Embrace Your Reason for the Season (YouTube Video)

Let the things you treasure about the holidays guide your celebrations, and this year you’ll collect joyful memories instead of just more stuff.
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Clutter Hacks #15: Top Tip for Preparing for a Natural Disaster (YouTube Video)

Before a natural disaster strikes, collect your vital documents in a water-tight container and have it ready to go so you’re prepared to evacuate, file insurance claims, or request recovery assistance if you need it.
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Clutter Hacks #14: Top Tip for Recovering from a Natural Disaster (YouTube Video)

After a natural disaster, make your first priority the health and safety of your family and yourself. Take care of yourselves, because everything else is just stuff.
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Harvey and Beyond: Organize After (or Before) a Natural Disaster (YouTube Video)

Hurricane Harvey has taught us a lot of harsh lessons about what’s at stake when a natural disaster strikes. Our lives and priorities can get turned upside-down overnight.
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Clutter to Calamity: Organize for Safety and Ease of Access (YouTube Video)

Clutter disrupts our comfort, productivity, enjoyment, and pride in our homes. But sometimes clutter becomes a serious threat to our very health and wellbeing.
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Hello from the Hurricane Harvey Flood Zone (YouTube Video)

The Clutter Fairy reports in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey on September 3, 2017. Many thanks to our fans for your concern and good wishes!