Call for Topics for 2018 (YouTube Video)

Is there an organizing topic you’ve been waiting for us to cover? We’re planning for 2018, and we invite you to suggest topics that you’d like for us to address in future meetups or other videos.

Gayle Goddard, professional organizer and owner of The Clutter Fairy, LLC, in Houston, Texas, facilitates the Houston Clutter Coaching Meetup Group, a free monthly meeting where people who struggle with clutter can get organizing ideas and support. We post videos of the meetup presentations to YouTube to share Gayle’s compassionate and often funny advice and stories with the members of our online community.

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  1. Pamela Tajmajer says:

    As I age, I know I don’t want to leave a lot behind for those who survive me to deal with, but I’m also not so old that death is any day now! I am in a weird place between sparing my kids and spouse a dreadful chore in grief and still having a home that fits my needs with stuff I use.

  2. Lisa Welch Cahill says:

    Getting organized is not as big a challenge for me as STAYING organized. How will that beautiful closet look a month or year later. Will I consistently have the self discipline to keep it neat. That’s the hard part.

  3. Lisa Canny says:

    “Clutter and ageing we’re not getting any younger” is one of my favorites. Now with the Swedish death cleaning book coming out maybe revisit that topic?

  4. Lisa Canny says:

    You did one on important papers needed before either death or incapacitation to help your survivors. That would be another good one to revisit. I Love, Love , Love All your videos 🙂

  5. Hazel Meldrum says:

    I have hundreds of reporter style notebooks some in pencil, I have collected information which is not available onIine so I do not want to loose.But I have to reduce.

  6. Jessica Hoeverman says:

    A group effort by clutter fairy and meet up members on creating an outline for a book on how to take a photograph of something that you love but need to remove and how to write a story and why it’s so important. Something that takes up less space and you could pass the book on to your kids.

  7. Nancy Masi Muller says:

    I had to clean out my mother’s home several years ago. She had not died but had to go into assisted living because of dementia. It took me 9 months with the help of a lot of friends (I was working full time). So we may not be near death but the unexpected happens. I live in senior apartments so I see the unexpected all the time – not necessarily death. I already know my children will chuck most of the things in my apt. I have downsized a lot because of several moves but the mounds of paper that comes in every day is mind boggling. My apartment definitely does not fit my needs for several reasons but I am not really up to moving again. I am doing marathon Clutter Fairy/Gayle Goddard Youtube videos!

  8. Jackie Rose
    Jackie Rose says:

    Greetings from Portland, OR! In response to your call for topics, I would love to hear more about dealing with inherited items. I have some of these, some are valuable and some are not. I don’t need or use the items, but feel guilty not keeping them. I love your videos, keep ’em coming.

  9. The Clutter Fairy says:

    The fastest way to start seeing things again is to imagine someone is coming to the house that makes you very nervous to be there. If your mother-in-law, or the President, or a celebrity was coming over, what would you suddenly “see” again? It helps to imagine someone new walking in and then you can see it through their eyes.

  10. Nanda Hanszmann says:

    Of all the people, Trump and my mother-in-law?? Hahaha…
    Yes, seeing the room with “someone else’s eyes” seeing your stuff it’s a great idea!!
    Thank you!!!!!!!

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